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Kiddo’s Choice Busy Jar

Kiddo’s Choice Busy Jar

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Is your little bunny tired of searching for chocolate? Probably not, but if you’re looking for a neat little hunt to fill your days, these are them! 

Pieces come nestled inside a glass bamboo lid jar. 

Tokens are 1/4” thick and 2”x1.5” in size and come in a pack of 24 beautifully sanded pieces.

Let us become a part of your Easter tradition.

Feel free to tag us in the photos on social media! 


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How long should I expect my custom order?

Our custom products should give a timeline in the description, but if it doesnt, dont be afraid to reach out and ask!

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Can I customize the colours?

Heck yes! We love customizing for our customers, just reach out!

Stay tuned for our 2024 events!

Do you make custom pieces?

We absolutely do! Memorial pieces, custom scenes, home decor, porch hangers, shelf sitters, etc! shoot us a message. Lets customize your perfect piece

Stay tuned for our 2024 events!