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QR code Keychains

QR code Keychains

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Tired of carrying business cards? Have an upcoming show and want easy access for your customers? Want to link your friends to your Instagram? Etsy shop? A quick PayPal? A less confusing way to send someone your email?

We can do it all. Just send us the website, link or email and we can create a personalized QR code keychain for you. This keychain has no limitations. All of our QR codes will work forever. They do not expire and have no scanning limits.

Acrylic keychains personalized with a logo or phrase.

These keychains are approximately 2”x1.5” in size. The background can be personalized with any colour/pattern or left white. Hardware can be picked from the silver, rose or bronze colours.

Font choices are available in the last two photos.

Borders can be 3D (as shown) or printed flat.

Please be sure to double check spelling prior to submitting your order.

 Also- Please be sure to leave an accurate email if you do not provide a logo.

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Common Questions

How long should I expect my custom order?

Our custom products should give a timeline in the description, but if it doesnt, dont be afraid to reach out and ask!

Stay tuned for our 2024 events!

Can I customize the colours?

Heck yes! We love customizing for our customers, just reach out!

Stay tuned for our 2024 events!

Do you make custom pieces?

We absolutely do! Memorial pieces, custom scenes, home decor, porch hangers, shelf sitters, etc! shoot us a message. Lets customize your perfect piece

Stay tuned for our 2024 events!